Local Financing in Swift County!

Swift County Daycare Grant  Swift County Revolving Loan Funds (RLF) Tax Abatement  Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
Swift County is invested in increasing and ensuring the daycare providers in this county have the resources that they need to meet licensure requirements and the resources to improve the daycare's curriculum, safety, and equipment. These grant funds will be on a first come first serve basis.  The Revolving Loan Funds are designed to provide GAP financing for businesses and industries starting up or expanding within Swift County. The RDA RLF is typically used for loan requests under $25,000. With Tax Abatement, the County rebates its portion of property takes back to the property owner who then uses it to help offset development and/or redevelopment costs. The availability of tax abatement is limited- in any given year, for all economic development projects taking place, the County can abate an amount equaling no more than $200,000 per year  The Swift County RDA is willing to consider the employment of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for eligible projects. There are two types of Tax Increment Financing Districts available.  
Daycare Grant Application

Funds can be used for land & Building purchase, building construction, renovation and/or expansion, machinery & equipment, working capital and inventory.

The project must provide one or more of the following public benefits: 

it much increase or preserve tax base, result in job creation, redevelop blighted areas, or provide services not currently available to the residents of Swift County 

Redevelopment TIF District 

A District that can go up to 25 years and will provide funds for the removal of blighting conditions on a lot (sub-standing buildings, site clean up, etc.) 

The Human Services Webpage is another great resource for more information about this grant. 

Human Services Page

Learn more here: 

Guidelines & Application

Taxes can be abated for up to 10 years

Economic Development TIF District 

A 9-year district that can provide funds for land acquisition, infrastructure (street, eater & sewer, parking, etc), grading & excavating and/or site improvements. Primarily for industrial-type projects